OMGA T 2020 NC

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 T 2030 NCT 2020 NC
Max. piece thickness120 mm120 mm
Max. piece width300 mm300 mm
Min. infeed length600 mm600 mm
Max. feed Speed240 m/min240 m/min
Saw blade motor power5.5 kW – opt. 7.5 kW5.5 kW – opt. 7.5 kW
Feed motor power35 Nm35 Nm
Max. Acceleration20 m/sec.20 m/sec.
Cutting Speed0.2 – 1 sec.0.2 – 1 sec.
Average number of cuts80 – 90 / min80 – 90 / min.


Particularly suitable for high production requirements given its very high maximum feed speed of 240 m/min. The set of 7 feeding rollers with corresponding top pressure rollers are able to compensate for dimensional variations of rough mill stock. The machine is equipped with a Windows based PC. The software is capable of performing eleven work cycle programs. Cutting lists can be input directly from the PC keypad, USB port, with direct serial connection to a remote PC or directly through the network. The software is complete with diagnostic and can also provide the following information: – Stock, in cubic metersrequired to produce the number of pieces in each list. – Number of pieces produced of each length. – Amount of stock in cubic meters divided into: first, second, third grade and waste – Cubic meters required to produce remaining parts. – Yield as a percentage of the total – The system can perform simulated cutting to test the result before processing the wood and allowing the user to decide about the parameter setting for the required production AVAILABLE OPTIONS: – Infeed Roller Tables. – Width Scanner. – Two Sided Marking Stations. – 2nd horizontal reading Camera. (for up to 5 grades). – Single sided CNC Workpiece Sorter with kickers. – Motorized loading systems – In-line high resolution Ink-jet printers.

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