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OMGA FP 4000 – DX

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Brushless Motor Power 2,5 Nm (.75 kW)
Maximum Traversing Speed 60 m/min
Positioning Accuracy +/- 0,1 mm
Software Versions Included Positioning stop – Pusher – Picture Framing
Maximum Number of Programs 500
Connection Ports 1 X USB, 2 x R S232 and 1 x RJ45
Removable Media USB Port – Ethernet Port


The FP 4000 is a numerically controlled stop and positioning system with 4000 mm of useable traverse. It can be used in conjunction with a variety of machines such as up-cut sawsradial arm sawstable sawsdrills, mitre saws, double mitre saws and other, for woodplastics and metal. Used as a gauge, the FP  eliminates the need of imprecise and repetitive use of the tape measure while optimizing the sequential processing of a lot of materialWhen used as a pusher this intelligent tool can really turn a simple manual machine into a truly powerful manufacturing cellallowing the user to complete the most demanding tasks. A variety of Interlink Kits are available for different degrees of automation and connection to the machine. The system comes complete with software for both Pusher and Stop, and for Picture Frame applicationconnected to the OMGA V 235 FNC. There is nothing additional to purchase! Software Operates in either millimeters or inches. Input can be in fractional form as well as decimal. The onboard Controller with Touch-Screen is supplied in a selection of different languages. The unit includes advanced diagnostic capabilities for ease of troubleshoot. In addition to direct data entry the FP  also includes one USB two serial RS 232 and one RJ45 Network ports to allow for interfacing to other computers, bar code reader, printers, USB Memory Keys and other devices. The software also allows upload/download of working programs through the function “.csv files” 


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